Networked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services

The 8th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop

Workshop at the 13th ECDL Conference, Corfu, Greece

Thursday, October 1st 2009

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The 8th NKOS workshop at ECDL explores the potential of Knowledge Organization Systems, such as classification systems, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, and lexical databases. These tools attempt to model the underlying semantic structure of a domain for purposes of information retrieval, knowledge discovery, language engineering, and the semantic web. The workshop provides an opportunity to report and discuss projects, research, and development related to Networked Knowledge Organization Systems/Services in next-generation digital libraries.

Modern digital information systems afford more options for mapping and presenting alternative orders of information than traditional physical libraries. The digital environment offers more possibilities of relating information and knowledge structures from different interests and discourses. Thus, the challenge is as much intellectual as technical when we want to develop and map knowledge organization systems that are useful and meaningful for the end-users operating in complex, interdisciplinary knowledge domains.

The workshop would address the general themes presented below, although the workshop is not limited to the predefined topics and remains open to other issues emerging from presentation proposals. Two important new themes for this workshop are Linked Data and KOS development methods. The workshop this year also invites proposals for posters.



The workshop is planned to consist of an introduction, technical presentations, a poster session, and a concluding directed discussion.


Proposals are invited for the following:

  1. presentations (typically 20 minutes plus discussion time, potentially longer if the substance and importance warrant it) on work or projects related to the themes of the workshop (see above) or to NKOS more generally. The traditionally reflective style of the NKOS workshops allows time for discussion.
  2. posters (first time in NKOS, as part of Session 5) on work or projects related to the themes of the workshop (see above) or to NKOS more generally, with time allowed for discussion.

Please email proposals (approximately 500 words for presentations and 200 words for posters, including aims, methods, main findings) by June 23rd to Koraljka Golub ( Advance indication that you intend to submit would be helpful. Proposals will be peer-reviewed by the program committee and notification of acceptance will be given by July 3rd. The early registration deadline for the conference and the workshop is July 31st.

After the workshop, copies of presentations will be made available on the workshop website. Presentations from the workshop may be encouraged to be submitted as extended papers for peer reviewed journal publication.




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